A student to manage our company for one week

Become a manager for a week.

This is how GOODAT communicated its message regarding a unique opportunity to manage a consulting company for one week.

GOODAT is trying to empower youth and provide development opportunities.

One of these opportunities is managing our company for one week. A college student will be acting general manager during the vacation week between 1st and 2nd semester, which is from January 29 to February 2, 2017.

This initiative came after the company tried each employee to manage the company for one week. But this time, the company decided to go external.

The opportunity for this time is only open for college students. Next time, the company will open the opportunity for unemployed people.

The idea went viral in social media and people praised it. Here you can find the twitter account:  @GOODATCO

53 applicants have been received, and only one among these will be selected. It is a tough choice for the company.

The official page for application for this idea is: http://goodat.co/en/one-week-manager/

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