our-story Our Story

We, as you and most people, are ambitious.

In the legends, the New World was a place where the greatest of warriors had to win their battles once they were trained, and crafted by mentors and masters of great knowledge, and deep wisdom. And we here at GOODAT, trained and tutored by one of the most famous, influential and iconic leaders of the business world “Jack Welch”, are making our way to compete with the giants, equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience that would allow us to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We’ve undergone many enriching experiences out of which, we came more improved and refined. We have broadened our horizon of understanding and learning as we faced challenges of all sorts. We’ve built our strength, confidence and credibility as the years went by, and now, we are ready to compete on a higher level, offering our guaranteed and excellent services to entrepreneurs and people of business.

We here at GOODAT, give our clients our utmost, undivided attention and thrive on offering them help and assistance by providing an array of services starting from solving problems, setting goals and finally achieving these goals and objectives.

That’s how our story began. It began from our ambition. We dreamed and aspired, just like you, dreamers and aspirers of this world. Our desire, founded through true dedication and passion is to become, not the richest, nor the largest, but the strongest company world  wide. And until we are,

our story continues…….

missionTo build, improve, enable and support in the journey of success, by providing management services and applying management science. Also we create a culture of continuous learning and creative basic solutions to have a better future and help our clients to have a successful life.


  1. 1Enrich, improve and change organizations and people to increase their impact, growth and success.
  2. 2Create business solutions in a simple way and customized to customers’ needs Provide consultations to businesses and organizations.
  3. 3Create and share knowledge to improve society.
  4. 4Develop, optimize and manage people to reach the professional level that can serve their businesses.