Programs Impact Measurement and Evaluation

We combine our evaluation expertise with a realistic and flexible approach to measure a program impact, using suitable evaluation methods and tools to ensure a program has achieved its intended objectives. We study the impact of on-going programs, and analyze the program in terms of its benefits, social impact, personal impact and the impact on the organization itself.

We provide tailored evaluation by utilizing precise methodologies to assess a program design, execution, and results.

What the service does:

  • Evaluate achievement of objectives.
  • Understand the level of impact and its spread.
  • Discover hidden issues and development opportunities.
  • Provide insights on how to strengthen a program.

Program Design

After observing organization’s environment, we propose a suitable program design that is aligned with the objectives, mission, and vision of the organization.  This includes identifying the right program model for your organization, preparing and writing the steps of the program, the execution plan and the financial plan to ensure a strong foundation for long-term success.

What the service does:

  • Identify the right program model for your organization based on needs assessment.
  • Prepare a customized program based on your target audience and available resources.
  • Help in guiding the execution team of the program.

Program Management and Execution

With a detailed program plan, we assist in delivering programs in more effective manner and a highly cost-efficient way. We manage and execute programs by supervising the implementation, ensuring proper functioning according to the plan, communicating with other parties and, attracting target audience and beneficiaries so the outcomes will effectively be integrated into our clients’ businesses.

What the service does:

  • Achieve the objectives of the program.
  • Ensure the program is well executed based on the plan.
  • Supervise the implementation and operation to ensure a smooth flow of the program.
  • Increase the program’s value and its impact and reduce chances of risks.

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