Program Evaluation and Impact Assessment for a Summer Program

GOODAT has conducted an impact assessment for a summer program in 2017 conducted by a public listed company. The program aimed to educate participants about 4 fields which are: Engineer, Mobile Application, 3D production, and 2D production.

The program was designed to imitate the experience of a university life to prepare the participants.

Such a program has many impacts and benefits. With our services, these impacts and benefits were measured and reported. The evaluation measured the performance of the program while the assessment measured the impact on the participants. For this service, the objectives and impacts were measured effectively. Talents Center, our client, considered this service as inspiring and important to any program.

Strategy, Planning, and Organizational Development

One of our proudest project was to develop a strategic plan, business plan, and performance management system for Sayhan Company. It is a family business located in the western region. As they are ambitious as we are, we provided consulting services to help the company develop, enhance, and have a strategy to win in its Market.

Winning mentality is injected in the organization after the strategy and the company performance and operations are more effective. The story of success for Sayhan company continues and the business is moving forward to its vision.

Dhahran, Saudi Arabia