“Up to the Challenge” is a social media campaign launched by GOODAT Company. The campaign targeted individuals in Saudi Arabia to share their thoughts, ideas, and plans which they are going to implement in order to cope with the current local economic challenges. The campaign started in February 16th, 2017 and continued for a month until March 16th, 2017.

The objectives of the campaign were to stimulate thinking and discover diverse views on how to deal with current economic challenges here at Saudi Arabia. As well as to give people a sense that their personal contributions matter. Also, to raise awareness by sharing and interacting with other people’s inputs.

The plans and ideas were proposed by individuals at a personal level and were not suggestions for the government or any other authorities. The participations were not expected to be complicated but simple and applicable.

How was the interaction?

Throughout the campaign, we launched several videos to encourage and inspire people to participate in the campaign. Surprisingly, 75 participations have been received by the end of the campaign through our social media accounts (@GOODATCO) using that Hashtag in Arabic #قد_التحدي. The participations varied between videos, voice recordings, writing and infographics. You can view the participations from the following link: http://goodat.co/ar/participations/

By the end of the campaign we have announced for the top 10 participations. Out of these 10, the top 3 participants have received prizes in recognition of their efforts and in an attempt by GOODAT to help them pursue their goals. The participations have been evaluated based on the quality of content and the applicability of the ideas and was not based on the appearance or the design.

We launched this campaign with a strong believe that any crises or challenge depends on the interaction of individuals with current conditions. The ideas that have been shared during the campaign were great and we see a promising hope for change in the current economic challenges if the participants apply their plans and raise the awareness to the people around them.

Overall, the campaign was a great success and has achieved its major goals.